Sketch -- an homage to Berlin's artistic aesthetic

5th January 2021

It is finally 2021, and we are ready to kick off the New Year with our latest property, Sketch, in Berlin, Friedrichshain. Sketch has a unique architectural style with a red brick building, protected for its monumental and historical significance. Large windows extending from the high ceilings welcome sunlight into the 38 newly furnished rooms and suites. At Sketch, you are only a 4-minute walk to the heart of Friedrichshain: Boxhagener Platz. COSI has fused the design of Sketch with inspiration from the neighbourhood adding a statement mural at the entrance showcasing local monuments.

The neighbourhood of Boxhagener Platz offers an array of activities for everyone including visitors and locals. It has some of Berlin’s favourite dining destinations like Ramen x Ramen and ÉTÉ Restaurant. On Saturdays, you can experience the local farmer’s market and on Sunday’s the flea market.

Taking inspiration from Boxhagener Platz's indie charm, Sketch is a mix of cool and eclectic colours flowing through each of the rooms, infusing with the spirit and soul of Berlin. The aesthetic pays homage to the creative culture of the city’s vibrant underground nightlife to high-end art galleries. An ultimate reflection of its surroundings, it embraces the city’s urban renaissance and dynamic cultural scene. After a refurbishment process undertaken by COSI, Sketch is a testament to our in-house design.

The rooms are fitted with kitchenettes, elevating its homely feeling. The multi-purpose space is suited for both leisure travellers who wish to enjoy the city at their own pace as well as people who are looking for a temporary residence for extended stays. Abstract art commissioned from across Europe is placed throughout the rooms and captivates the attention of guests. Sketch fuses art into the interior concept from the rooms to the mural that celebrates Berlin’s ambience. The transition from the neighbourhood to the building is facilitated through our mural which features local landmarks and Sketch’s unique design to bring the artistic feeling of Friedrichshain to life when entering the building.




Our in-house illustrator, Ewelina, known for her authentic designs, painted the mural during one week, finding inspiration from nearby cultural locations. She began by drawing an initial design and finally sketching with chalk on the wall, and finished off the mural in acrylic and spray paint highlights.

While painting, many of the current guests watched and spoke to Ewelina about her inspiration for the piece, artistic technique as well as the rich history of street art in Berlin. Ewelina mentioned that painting a mural in an area known for its street art became a type of performance as others watched her art come to life.

Now that the mural is finished, we proudly present it to the guests who enter the building. With dark colours inspired from the newly renovated rooms and landmarks from the neighbourhood, the feeling of Sketch’s design pairs with Friedrichain’s rich history for street art, making the newest COSI location a perfect addition to the neighbourhood.

James Gibson

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