numa is a digital provider for short and mid stay
commercial living

Mid stay lettings

Average length of stay:
1-3 months

Target group:
Couples, families, students, expats, “corona refugees“

Average rent/ month:
ca. 1.200€

living with numa

Short stay lettings

Average length of stay:
1-4 days

Target group:
Tourists, business travellers

Average daily rate:
ca. 90 - 140€

numa model provides attractive differentiation compared to traditional hotel asset class

High floor efficiency

Highly efficient layout
No common areas required

High third party usability

Layouts similar to residential living
Commercial living concept
Low specification of required investment


Downside protection

> > 60% less personnel costs
Midstay flexibility

Variable lease contracts

Hybrid lease
Management agreements

numa is the first player to provide a full stack plug and play solution for 100% digital locations


numa is building the technology infrastructure that uplifts revenue, minimizes costs and delivers a contemporary guest experience

power to shape a new asset class
Maximizes Revenue
Minimizes Costs

We are looking for properties in central locations of major european cities

power to shape a new asset class


  • Existing hospitality properties (hotels, apartment buildings)
  • Office-conversion
  • Developments


  • Major European cities with established leisure & business traveller market


  • City center & sub-center locations
  • Excellent public transport connections
  • Close to demand drivers


  • GFA between 500 - 5.000 sqm
  • Seperate floors or whole buildings
  • From 10 to 180 units


  • Long-term leases (10 to 25 years)
  • Hybrid and management models
  • Purchase opportunities

Roca -- our newest
property in Barcelona

Roca provides the perfect
getaway for those looking to embrace the spectacular
and enchanting culture that
the city has to offer.

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The fall of commercial
office space

With most people choosing
to work from home at least
three times per week,
40% of office space is sitting in prime locations.

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8 industries that grew
despite covid-19

The world around us has
changed. It is time we look
at which industries have
come out of the situation on top.

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Defying the retail

The retail apocalypse started with the onset of the digital era of retail and with Covid-19 expediting this at unprecedented rates the world of commercial real estate will never be the same.

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